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7 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Marketing in 2024

Feb 22nd, 2024 by Nikola Sekulic
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If there’s one thing you ought to add to your brand’s New Year’s resolutions (it’s not too late!), it’s freshening up your content marketing strategy. After all, the changing content marketing trends aren’t an obstacle—they’re your opportunity to advance. 

We've been monitoring emerging content tactics and formats, and now, we're excited to share how you can harness these powerful trends to simultaneously uplevel your small business marketing and elevate your brand image using standout content.

1. Rethink Brand-Customer Communication

Your content is your main communication vessel, building that connection between your brand and your audience, both online and offline. 

If you’re serious about improving this connection,  your main goal this year should be to become more intentional with your brand’s tone of voice, overall personality, and image, as well as how all those elements are reflected in your content. 

That especially goes for nonverbal communication through bespoke visuals, as these elements are crucial in conveying a compelling story in a split second while remaining on-brand across channels. This encompasses every facet of your user experience (UX)—from your imagery and color palette to logo and even team photos—each of which defines your audience’s perception of your brand. To leverage this effectively, consider the following strategies:

  • Develop or refine your brand book with detailed guidelines that dictate your brand’s tone of voice and visuals alike.

  • Ensure communication consistency via social media, email campaigns, ads, and regularly published content to foster a coherent brand image.

  • Encourage user-generated content that aligns with your brand ethos by reposting, sharing, and engaging on user content that really reflects your values, further amplifying your reach and authenticity.

  • Design all visual content to be immediately engaging and identifiable.. Even without your logo stamped all over a video or image, your audience should be able to identify your brand instantly based on your communication style, both verbal and nonverbal.

Consistency and quality in your brand-customer communication will help you stay top of mind and solidify your brand in the minds of your audience for 2024.

2. Embrace Personalization and Hyper-Segmentation

We’ve already discussed how crucial data is in defining your content strategy. If anything, that has only become more relevant for this year. Given the proliferation of online content, standing out calls for better data collection and analysis. Even more so, you need to be careful when filtering and selecting your data sources—we’ll discuss credibility in a minute.

For small businesses, one notable trend it’s crucial to pay attention to this year is personalization and hyper-segmentation based on evolving data. This involves drilling down into more specific data points to divide your audience into smaller, more focused groups. Such granularity may require additional time and resources, but the payoff is substantial.  Tailoring your content to meet the unique needs and preferences of these segmented groups ensures higher engagement and appreciation from your target audience.

To effectively implement these strategies, consider the following approaches that cater to the nuances of your audience segments:

  • In-App Content and Direct Messages (DMs): The intimate nature of DMs and in-app notifications allows for direct and personalized communication, making each interaction feel more relevant and engaging.

  • Special Occasions and Milestones: Leverage data on birthdays, anniversaries, and significant milestones to offer personalized discounts or messages. This not only demonstrates your attention to detail but also enhances customer loyalty.

  • Video Personalization: Create video content that can be customized for individual viewers or specific segments. Personalized videos can significantly increase engagement rates by offering a unique experience to each viewer. 

  • Dedicated Loyalty Programs: Design loyalty programs that reward engagement and purchasing behaviors. Tailored rewards and communications can boost repeat business and deepen customer relationships.

  • Dedicated Landing Pages: Use visitor data to create dedicated landing pages. This ensures that visitors are greeted with relevant and appealing content, improving conversion rates.

  • Analysis of Past Purchases and Engagement: Analyze historical data to identify patterns or triggers unique to individual customers or segments. This insight allows for the creation of content and offers that are more likely to resonate and prompt action.

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3. Focus More on Video Marketing

There’s no denying that video content continues to dominate in the digital world, and small businesses have the prime opportunity to build a powerful online presence with it. Video content, celebrated for its capacity to personalize and humanize brands, is an indispensable tool in making a brand more accessible and relatable to its target audience.

There are a few key types of videos you should include in your 2024 strategy:

Brand-centric videos

Putting your small business in the spotlight with video content allows you to clearly position your company, communicate your mission and values, and ultimately boost conversions. Make sure your branded videos highlight what makes your business different, but also put your service/product in the right context to help your audience understand your offer clearly.

These types of videos can be great for your ad campaigns, educational series on how to best use your product/service, and as part of your social media calendar. However, you can also use video-embedding tools like Issuu to add a video to your flipbooks for even more engagement and diversification.

User-centric videos

If it makes sense for your brand, collaborating with your customers on video creation can skyrocket the impact of your content strategy this year. Video testimonials showcasing how others are using your service/product and highlighting the most valuable features are excellent for social proof and credibility (a subject we’ll cover in the next segments).

Live videos

Live streaming taps into several emerging consumer behaviors and preferences, including the fear of missing out (FOMO), a desire for direct interaction, and a penchant for immediacy. It reels in your audience’s undivided attention, and when envisioned properly, live video streaming inspires organic back and forth. 

To maximize the impact of live streaming, it’s essential to:

  • Announce your live events well in advance to ensure a wide audience reach

  • Encourage participation and interaction during the stream

  • Monitor engagement metrics to refine and optimize future live video efforts

As you integrate more live streaming into your marketing strategy, you'll gain insights into the topics, timing, and formats that resonate most with your audience, enabling you to tailor your approach for enhanced engagement and marketing outcomes.

4. Boost Engagement and Retention with Interactivity

Interactive content is the cornerstone of every successful marketing strategy. Why? People want to have an active role when consuming content online, and that’s one of the reasons interactive live streaming is so important.

Beyond video, there are other interactive content formats you can leverage for your 2024 strategy:

  • Short and sweet social media polls for quick A/B testing and data gathering that also elevate engagement

  • Challenges and contests that last just enough to get people interested, but briefly enough to keep them looking forward to the next one

  • Webinars and Q&As that help humanize your brand and connect you to your audience

  • Web or shopping links in your content to encourage engagement and guide your audience toward relevant resources, products, or services

  • On-site Squarespace quizzes that let you build up your lead funnel, drive engagement, and simplify social sharing

As long as your objective is clear, you’ll be able to derive measurable results from each piece of content you create.

5. Emphasize Content Reliability and Credibility 

A trend that will define the direction for this year’s content marketing revolves around source credibility. While good, strong content elevates your brand authority, you also need to make sure you reference relevant, recognized sources to further strengthen your credibility.

This should be a key strategic step in all your content creation efforts. And this is how you can bake it into your content output:

  • Thoroughly research before publishing any content that cites any kind of data, and always reference your sources transparently.

  • Make it easy for people to corroborate the information you share across all content channels.

  • Bring on industry experts to talk about relevant topics—this alone can grow your brand image as you associate yourself with credible names in the field.

  • Trolls will not cease to exist—if you come across someone trying to falsely share any kind of content under your brand name, make sure to nip it in the bud with proper reputation management tactics.

6. Leverage Educational Content for Social Proof

A crucial element in building credibility? Social proof. Putting your brand aside and focusing on how your audience, industry experts, and employees feel about your business makes your brand more trustworthy. 

However, you still need to be intentional about building social proof. For example, customer testimonials and reviews both on your site and social media should be an ongoing effort in 2024. 

To add to that, encourage and reshare user-generated content that features your brand in images, videos, social media, and the like. Of course, tracking who tags you means you need to take a hands-on approach to how you protect your reputation online with UGC.

Finally, you should publish your own research, articles, and reports that are educational and informative and position your business as a thought leader in your industry. When publishing content of this kind, make sure you’re staying on-brand. 

Use your brand logo, font, and other style essentials in your report design, to make the content appealing, engaging, and memorable in one go. Without those essentials, you risk publishing dry, unengaging content that will fly under the radar of your audience.

Issuu’s Digital Sales feature can be exceptionally helpful for informative publications like reports and case studies. You can use this feature to easily monetize these content types–and many others–, allowing you to profit from your unique and well-researched insights.

7. Emphasize Security for Remote Content Creators

The final section we’ll cover tackles both your content marketing strategy as well as your credibility: working with remote content creators (both in-house and outsourced). If your content creators need access to your brand materials and information, you’ll need to create a safe collaboration hub for everyone. 

Collaborating remotely means you need to invest in effective data protection measures to safeguard your brand’s most sensitive information. Those same strategies also help protect your employees’ data, allowing you to focus on creativity. 

With security taken care of, you can devote more of your strategic attention to setting up a seamless workflow for your remote and on-site team (if any). Clear project management and content delivery guidelines will help keep everyone in the loop and avoid common productivity bottlenecks. Treat content creation security and productivity as the pillars of your 2024 content marketing strategy, and your team will be able to deliver stellar work every time.


Since we’re well into 2024, there’s no better time than now to capitalize on the opportunities that these content marketing tactics can bring you. But before you set out to win over your audience with new, abundant content, make sure your strategy is well-defined and allows you enough leeway to adapt on the go.

Nikola Sekulic is a seasoned brand developer, writer, and storyteller who turns fresh ideas into engaging stories for the online community.

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