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Create buzz and ignite curiosity with our AMP builder! Turn your best content into social-friendly and engaging Articles that not only look great, but they’re also the SEO-friendly content you’ve been waiting for.

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What are Articles?

Our Article feature will take your existing publication and transform any section you select into a professional and engaging story that is optimized for Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). 

Here’s where things get really exciting. Because our Articles are built using AMP framework, these content pieces load lightning-fast and are specially optimized for mobile. Issuu does all the heavy lifting for you by taking your selected content and turning them into Articles primed for easy viewing and sharing.

With Issuu’s Articles feature, the sky’s the limit! We generate all of these highly engaging pieces of content that you can then individually share - perfect for specific articles from your magazine or chapters from your book. Our AMP Builder lets you scale your viewership and brand identity just by being you! That’s a win-win!

How to create Articles

  1. Select the “Create Articles” icon next to the publication you would like to work from. 

  2. Now, select the pages you’d like to include in your Article and select “Go to Editor”. 

  3. While in our Articles Editor, you can change the cover image of your Article and customize any headlines, bylines, or featured images. 

  4. Once you’ve made your desired customizations you can preview or publish your Article

  5. You now have the option to share the Article directly on social media or copy the link to share elsewhere.

Keep readers coming back for more

Articles are ideal for generating engaging and shareable content that builds brand identity, searchability, and engagement. The short-form content allows you to share specific pieces of your content with your desired audience. No more one-size-fits-all publishing is necessary - speak to your target audience in a way that resonates.

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Google AMP: an SEO-friendly format

SEO is a must-have in today's digital world. Without optimization, even the most astounding pieces of content would be relegated to the shadows rather than in front of an admiring audience. 

Because our Articles are built using AMP framework, your Articles will be faster and will be eligible for enhanced search results in Google. This optimized search format coupled with enhanced social shareability allows you to easily reach multiple channels with the same piece of content.

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Perfect for readers on the go

Our Articles are mobile-friendly, making your content available to your readers, no matter where they are. The number of people using mobile devices for online browsing only continues to increase, so your business cannot afford to miss out on this segment of traffic.

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Articles FAQs

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages - or AMP - is a framework developed by Google that prioritizes fast loading of mobile pages. The quicker load time ensures that readers have minimal delays when trying to find the answers to their questions or read their favorite publications. Our Articles are built as AMP pages - no coding on your end is required!

  • To create an AMP page all you need is our AMP Builder built-in to the backend of our Articles editor. Just create an Article from your latest publication, and Issuu will automatically create your Article in AMP format.

  • The shortlist of benefits for AMP pages includes faster load times and less lag on mobile devices, increased visibility for publishers, and improved SEO visibility with rich results.

  • Articles are ideal for creating engaging short-form content that captures your viewers' attention. You can share your Articles to a specific segment of your audience via social media or email, or you can choose to share them with a broader audience through your website or Issuu directly.

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